How to Put Together a Fabulous Party Invitation

As a beauty consultant you always have parties and events on the books. Sometimes texting event details or mailing a postcard can get a little boring and not always be as enticing for customers to attend your events! Jazz up your invites by mailing them in pretty envelopes, filled with confetti, and personally addressed. I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting mail!! There's something extra special about someone taking the time to send me something that they truly thought about and took the time to put together.

  • STEP ONE // Assemble the materials you're going to need to put your invitation together. Customize and print your invites. Pick two or three different colors of tissue paper that coordinate with your invite. You can find super cute and cheap tissue paper everywhere, THIS ONE from Target is a great choice! Pick out some super cute envelopes, size A2, in any color you'd like! THIS ONE from Etsy is great!! Grab a scissors, a colorful marker, and a hole punch or 3 hole punch! (For some reason I don't have a hand hole punch, but it worked just fine! :) )
  • STEP TWO // Cut out your invitations with a scissors or a paper cutter!
  • STEP THREE // Grab your tissue paper and hole punch. Fold your tissue paper over so that you have about 4-6 layers of paper to punch through, this eliminates the amount of punches you have to do.
  • STEP FOUR // Start punching!! Punch out as many little pieces of confetti as you need and like! It's easy to punch more if you run out.
  • STEP FIVE // Place your invite inside the envelope. Grab some confetti from your pile and tuck it inside!
  • STEP SIX // Address your envelopes with a fun marker, it just adds that little bit of extra sparkle! I used a pink Sharpie just like the pink one in THIS PACK.

Just add a stamp and drop them in the mail!! Even if your customers can't come, you're sure to make their day, I mean, come on....CONFETTI?!? Yes, please!!!

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