Creating Your Own Scratch Offs

Welcome to The Pink Bubble's first official blog post! How exciting is this!? I thought a great post to begin the blogging journey was to share a fun & easy tutorial on creating your own Scratch Offs!

Scratch Offs are such a fabulous way to create excitement about your personal Mary Kay business. They're not just a business card or a random sample that you're handing out when you're warm chattering, but an invitation for potential customers to get a little something extra & the wonder of what's behind that little silver circle.

Scratch off cards can be handed out when you're out and about or added into gift baskets. They can be an extra incentive at skin care classes when guests book their follow up appointments. They can be tucked into thank you cards and hostess packets & so much more!

Before you can start assembling your scratch offs you will first need to purchase the actual 1 inch Silver Scratch Offs. I purchased a set of 100 stickers from for $6.49. If you're thinking what could you possibly do with 100 scratch offs then this would be a fabulous project to share with a sister consultant!

For this post I have included a FREE download of the purple striped scratch offs I use in this tutorial. In this file you can customize your name & contact information. Half of the card offer a 10% off & the other offer $10 off.

Pink Bubble members have access to 6 different styles of scratch offs. These files are fully customizable. You can choose what percentage or dollar amount you want to give away, as well as the details & contact information on the cards! Each design fits a different personal style & are all fun & professional! Find them all 6 styles here!