Team Building Bootcamp

Is it time to get your Team Building skills a little brush up? Or do you need some help keeping consistency in your Team Building game? Sharing the Mary Kay opportunity is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Mary Kay Ash asked us to pass it on & to enrich women's lives.  Whose dreams are attached to yours?

It takes 21 days to create a habit & what better way to make Team Building an important part of your business than to focus on it for 21 days! So, for the next 21 days, learn tips, suggestions, scripts, and ideas from top directors and Nationals to expand your team building skills. This collection of Voxes was compiled by Sales Director, Tricia Sherman Bless!

There is also an interactive PDF you can download that has all the Voxes linked for easier use! Download it below or find it on our FREEBIES page!

Day 1

Top Director Nicki Hill shares her mindset and strategy for building your team.

Day 2

Top director Tricia Bless shares the team building diet plan with you! 

Day 3

National Sales Director Heidi Goelzer shares her mindset about team building. 

Day 4

Listen as top director Beth Feinstein talks about overcoming your fears and asking everyone to hear about this opportunity.

Day 5

Million Dollar Sales Director Melissa Hennings talks to you about sharing the heart of Mary Kay with everyone you meet. 

Day 6

Cadillac Sales Director Beth Gallagher shares her strategy with you for consistent team building.

Day 7

National Sales Director Diane Mentiply shares her script for team building at EVERY appointment. Mary Kay herself always said there is a new team member at every party.  Learn how to find them!

Day 8

Cadillac Senior Sales Director Tami Cloute shares her tips for team building success.

Day 9

Listen as Sales Director Mary Beth White shares top ten tips for recruiting that she has learned as she has built her business.

Day 10

Top director Kate Unger shares her story and the lessons she learned about recruiting along the way.

Day 11

Senior Sales Director Vicki Paul talks about how to be intentional with recruiting at your parties.

Day 12

Top Sales Director Briana Meisel shares her top 3 tips for recruiting.

Day 13

Senior Sales Director Traci Hanke talks with you about layering your prospects.

Day 14

Cadillac Sales Director Jamie Riley shares how she starts the layering process as soon as she books someone.

Day 15

NSD Tammy Vavala reminds us about the 4 point recruiting plan that Mary Kay Ash created for us to help us to pass it on.

Day 16

Listen as Sales Director Betty Biad shared with you why you should never prejudge, and offer this opportunity to everyone!

Day 17

NSD Cindy Leone talks to one of her favorite topics – sharing this opportunity. Hear what she loves most about team building.

Day 18

Executive Senior Sales Director Joanna Shipe shares her strategy for success.

Day 19

Senior National Sales Director Cindy Williams shares with you how to learn to listen to the women that you meet, and share from your heart.  She reminds us to reflect on what Mary Kay has done in our lives, and to give that gift to others.

Day 20

Sales Director Ali Enerson shares with you how she medaled 6 months in a row.

Day 21

Hear from Top Director Tiffany Noel Taylor on The Opportunity. She signed 33 in a single month using these techniques.


Want more? Here are a few more awesome messages to give you even more great ideas and strategies!

1.  Lacey Bradford on 5 quick facts to book that coffee/career chat.

2. Carol Thompson asks, Are you talking to her like a real person and asking her to consider doing this with you? Sharing at the individual close.

3.  Tara Geraghty and her In the Bag Marketing to engage all their senses.

4.  Maggie Rader on Focusing on the other person, make it about them!! Listen to how she has earned 30 Gold Medals. 

5.  Beth Feinstein sharing at one to one appointments with ease.

6.  Executive Senior Cadillac Sales Director Holly Neff shares with you her passion for our opportunity and how important it is to listen to a woman’s story!