How to Save a PDF as a JPG File

Sometimes the easiest way to invite guests to a skin care class or share a sale you're running is by emailing, texting, or Facebooking an image of the item. Problem is, the customizable materials on The Pink Bubble download as PDF's. This tutorial shows you just how easy it is to transform you customized invites and sales fliers into JPG's for easy sharing across social media.

  • STEP ONE // Download, customize and save the document you want to share from The Pink Bubble. The example show our Product Party Invite. FIND IT HERE. Be sure to save your file in a location on your computer that will be easy for you to find.
  • STEP TWO // Google "PDF to JPG converter". You can choose any of the links that you wish. I used the top link for this tutorial.
  • STEP THREE // It might not look like much, but it gets the job done and it's FREE! And if it's FREE, it's for me! Scroll down to the button that reads "Choose a PDF file".
  • STEP FOUR // Upload your desired PDF file, change the quality to Excellent - 300dpi, and convert the file.
  • STEP FIVE // Once your file is converted, a new window will appear with your download options. You can view or download each page individually or you can choose to download all your pages with the Zip file. If you only need page 1, then you only need to download page 1.
  • STEP SIX // YOU'RE DONE! You file has downloaded and you are ready to start sharing it! Upload your image to an email, your business Facebook page, a private Facebook message or send as a text!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to browse The Pink Bubble and become a member today for access to our entire library of customizable documents for your business!