How to Build a Facial in a Bag

Facials in a Bag are just brilliant, in my opinion! They are so easy to put together and turn out so cute! You can keep them in your purse to hand out when you're running errands or quick drop them in the mail to send to customers. When customers don't have time to get together for a facial, a Facial in a Bag is the perfect alternative! Enjoy this quick and easy tutorial + a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Miracle Set Facial in a Bag. For The Pink Bubble members there are also downloads for TimeWise Repair, Botanical Effects, Clear Proof & Mary Kay Men. Become a member today to download them all and start handing them out!

  • STEP ONE // Download, customize and print the Miracle Set Facial in a Bag from The Pink Bubble. FIND IT HERE. Get the samples you'll be adding to the bag, I used the Miracle Set, Microdermabrasion and Firming Eye Cream. Purchase self sealing cello bags to fit the Beauty Books. I used one approximately 5"x8". You can find fun one at My Girlfriends House HERE.   
  • STEP TWO // Cut the cover image and instructions out of the full sheet by following the helpful marks. You can also use a paper cutter. 
  • STEP THREE // Tape your samples into the Beauty Book on the appropriate pages. I like to avoid covering up the product images and details by taping them on the other side of the page, as you can see in the directions. I also love using Washi Tape, that you can buy at any craft store, because it's cute and it is easy to remove without tearing any pages.
  • STEP FOUR // Slide the instructions sheet into the first page of the Beauty Book so customers can easily find it before they start looking too far.
  • STEP FIVE // Add the cover image to the front of you closed Beauty Book and slide the whole thing into the cello bag. Make sure the long flap of the cello bag is on the top so when you remove the protective strip, it will fold over and close on the back of the Beauty Book.
  • STEP SIX // YOU'RE DONE! YAY! You can now label the cello bag with the product formula if you need to! You're ready to hand them out or drop one in the mail!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Be sure to browse The Pink Bubble and become a member today for access to our entire library of customizable documents for your business!