100 Women. 100 Professions.

This portfolio idea came from an awesome member who's main goal was to inspire little & big girls to dream big! She saw all the different jobs women had & wanted to start a collection to showcase just how much women can do if they think big! Plus who doesn't love some pink & palm leaves?!

The first page is a referral game, there are not directions or prizes mentioned. I wanted to leave this up to you, you can do something different at every class if you wanted!

The second page is the portfolio page. The bottom of this page can be customized with your customers name, job & why she loves it. You can also upload her AFTER picture into the top portion! 

TIP: You can only upload a PDF into the top portion. This means that if you have her picture as a JPG, you will need to convert it to a PDF. Make sure you crop her picture to a square, as that is the shape of the customizable box. Next, convert the image to a PDF, you can super easily do that HERE. It takes about 5 seconds, & it's painless!

Next you'll want to upload her PDF into the top, edit the bottom text & save it! After you've saved it you might want to add the final flier to an album on Facebook or on Instagram. Turning your final PDF into a JPG is easy too! Use the same site, but choose THIS option instead! You're all set now! Upload and start sharing your professional portfolio to your friends!

You can find the Referral Game & Portfolio HERE!

Enjoy & contact me with any questions!